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For TRUE MINI owner its more than a car that takes you to A to B but it’s very much more than as it’s a member of the family, a friend, companion and a lifestyle! From the first time we start them up and the way we look back after a locking him/her we are smiling.

So when an owner and MINI Mate says he wants to start his own show we are all like…

Shut-up-and-take-my-moneyTony Walker has never been shy to the MINI scene as I met him, his finance and father early 2013 at the MINI Dragon Run. Both father and son both owning 1st & 2nd Gen GPs meaning fast MINIs runs in the family.


From what I gather from Tony he wanted to start his own show as he felt more could brought to the table. The aim was to create something new from the norm as there isn’t a true a new MINI show out there in the UK.

This man was on a mission so cue the music, lights and camera

Soon as it was official announced I ordered my ticket and waited the day for the Surrey New MINI to come down to my neck of the woods so I could roll out the red carpet for them. I decided to enter my JCW into the show and shine to see how it would affair against these pernickety cotton button touting warriors.

Prior to all this MINI Madness was a spur of the moment photo shoot with a few friends who were keen photographers.

Mo with Momography and Philip aka Phex Photography taking the photos.

_DSC4458 _DSC4482 _DSC4484 _DSC4486 _DSC4492 _DSC4502 _DSC4507 _DSC4508 _DSC4512 _DSC4525

An old school Ford Fiesta XR2 was there to join the lime light

After all the autographs were done we headed out to a trip to London for a day trip.

Having been born in the UK yet I haven’t really explored London fully given its only 100 miles away. I wanted to visit the infamous Piccadilly circus and Leicester square.

Here are some piccies and smiles that ensued

IMG_0668 IMG_0674 IMG_0677

London London Me

As you should all know I am through and through car nut so super car spotting was in ordered after watching Billionaire boy racers as Knights bridge would be full of them but little did I know that the Salon Prive would be on the UK’s very own Pebble Beach was in full swing.

I will let the motors do the talking

IMG_0697 IMG_0701 IMG_0704 IMG_0706 IMG_0707 IMG_0710 IMG_0713 IMG_0716 IMG_0719 IMG_0720 IMG_0722 IMG_0724Then was a short trip off Knights bridge for more car porn


Who said Money couldn’t buy you class


Here is the lucky 1% of the world enjoying their opulence
IMG_0752 IMG_0754 IMG_0757 IMG_0762 IMG_0764 IMG_0766

I spotted this debadged and blacked out JCW Clubman sleeper sitting there with its Rotiform Monoblock BLQ rims
IMG_0767 IMG_0770 IMG_0773We visited a few museums and art galleries to take in some culture and learn a few things or two.

IMG_0775 IMG_0791 IMG_0795 IMG_0798All this walking and taking pictures is hard work so it was back on the London underground for our next stop before the trip back home. I always wanted to see what all the fuss about Lebanese food so there is only place in London to go to…



IMG_0806I released my inner fatty, yes I am foodie and yes that is all my food : D

IMG_0809All filled up we headed back home and enjoyed an empty motorway for once but there isn’t any rest for the wicked as I would be attending a wedding of old school friend the next day.

Time to SUIT UP!!!

IMG_0849Told you lot I do have hair!

It felt like a school reunion as all of my old school mates were there and the old gang was back together again. I hadn’t laughed and smiled for that long in quite sometime hearing one another escapades and stories. We settled down as the bride and groom came in thinking we might be next soon…



I wish Kiran and her partner all the best in her marriage

Back to schedule my tickets arrived at my door

IMG_0864A day before I got my Mr Miyagi for my JCW its first show and shine appearance


Just as I finished I heard the familiar roar of a four pot turbocharged MINI engine driving up my road to see Ashley’s pepper white Cooper S come over to say Hi.

Ashleys Cooper S

Christine called me saying that the Surrey New MINI crew arrived at the hotel near by house so we headed out to meet up with them.

As I said before I would be rolling out the red carpet as SNM crew were in my neck of the woods so I took them to my favourite restaurant called Oodles & Noodles.

IMG_0883A good catch up was had with SNM as laughs and stories were poured out followed by giggles and smerks.

The smerks disappeared as we all moved to the bowling…

This wise guy Ash from Croydon aka The Professional said he was quite the bowler.

The ProfessionalSo I decided to get my game face on

IMG_0886I am not sure how to commentate this one given there is no gas pedal or stick shift but it went abit like this. A bunch of guys and girls picked up some medium and heavy balls and threw them at these white milk bottle looking things called a Tenpins.

Good times we were had making it a great night out for all



DSC00298-Copy_zps6333954b DSC00299-Copy_zpsd6cb892f DSC00280-Copy_zpsd3ac151dDSC00295-Copy_zps98b45b4e DSC00279_zps2c0f1b4fDSC00273_zpsff04c8a2

It all the fun and games done we all bundled into two MINIs then I showed Ashley why the JCW is better than Cooper S and to tell Jay to hurry up to get one.

The night was over but tomorrow would bring the BIG Event, pun intended!!! The rest of the SNM crew would be arriving in the morning so we could roll out as one BIG convoy.


I arrived at the meet point to a long line of MINIs all awaiting my arrival so we could sent off together to the show. There had been some long over due meetings with a few members.

All together we created a long convoy stretching the whole hotel car park.

DSC00303-Copy_zpsf58d6fdbDSC00304_zps8fa829d2I led the convoy to the show but got a little to excited on the motorway with a few members which broke up the convoy which was my fault. But everyone came together at the end as I stopped at the entrance of the show.

01610But as soon as we arrived the heaven decided to open up making all my hard work pointless but nether the less our spirits were still high. I was eager to meet another of my IG followers who was another Simone from Northampton who again likes her ride sitting low.

Her ride is an R53 Cooper S with performance and looks mods to match her obsession madness. Tucked chambered DEEP dished rims with R56 JCW Brembos tucked in to hall back it from the fun she has on the twisties.

Simone R53 stance Simone R53I still don’t know how she keeps those rims clean and not bad given its her 1st car

Another great MINI Mate made

My prep for the show shine went a little bit like this. A wipe down and then I walked away from it as it seemed pointless given the rain after passing over the paint work to find it was covered in rain again.


My JCW 2

Plus I am people’s person as I would rather go around looking at the motors and talking to their owners. Every car has a story so does every driver.

I went around seeing who had turned up to the show given alot of clubs were coming far and wide for the show. The MINI Torque guys where there respecting low stance nation ranging from the hobo to the OEM plus look.

MINI Torque

Platty aka Mark with his ford frozen white MCS which was a real ground up project to which I have enjoyed watching as he posted up his progress on the forums.

bus11 low_ni11

My 3rd Family Mersey Side MINI were there as well (God I love these bunch alot but ssshhhh don’t tell them)


The Full On MINIs Crew were literally off the wall this time with a graffiti wall all to themselves to show off their one of a kind MINI Madness – Website

Full On MINIs crew

Full On MINIs 4 Full On MINIs 3 Full On MINIs 2 Full On MINIs 1

Full On MINIs  5

Holly aka little miss lowered ass aka The Show Off was hitting them switches on her air bagged ride

The GP Owners club came in force as well with Sam’s GP standing out by a mile


I have to admire her for going fully looney on the looks of her GP


1533363_582778341810636_2119817479_n 1491655_582777978477339_1358418138_n

Not worry SNM I saved you to last as it seemed we have the biggest stand again


This next MINI made me worried how on earth he got here given his ride height and no it doesn’t have air ride suspension its on coilovers

MINI Splitter

The owner Ben won lowest MINI of the day and now has upgraded to an airbag system so I guess he got stuck in a pothole on the way home.

Low MINI Low MINI upgraded

Knights MINI South Staffordshire were there representing MINI UK

MINI Knights Bridge

They were very keen of me to buy the GP2 sitting there, till next time guys


Given the show was mainly promoted online and through owners clubs there all the main UK MINI clubs were there.

Sticker bombed clubman

This stickered bombed clubman was awesome take on this Jap/Euro look

Sticker bombed clubman

Someone call me a Taxi as this is one sweeet clubman

Taxi Clubman

IMG_0946 IMG_0957 IMG_0962

JCW Clubman

The rain was on and off during show which put off some people given the journey some had made but it was the people who made the show and the traders.

Dent removal

How to clean your car demonstrations were going on from Autobrite


Orranje were there with parts on offer along with their show car.


Maybe at some point I will do a feature on them given they have raised the bar for MINI modding and they are a group of MINI enthusiasts themselves so what’s not to like?

It was abit of sad occasion as this show marked the inevitable end of the show season and MINI Matt would be moving away from the scene because of life and commitments.


We wish you all the best matt in Volvo land and beyond

There were various raffles for prizes for charities and good causes

As the day came to a close we all gather under the shelter for the winners of various competitions and all important show and shine

SNM member Roger who is retired racing driver walked away with two show and shine awards

MINI Show n Shine 3 MINI Show n Shine 2 MINI Show n Shine

I honestly don’t know how he does it? I am still scratching my head how he owns one of the slowest MINIs you can buy and he keeps it immaculate. Doesn’t he feel the need for speed??  I guess we all have slow down at one point of our lives.

Hats off to Tony & Sami for their 1st show as I can imagine it must have been tough to organise and many moments of trying to kill one another when stuff wasn’t going right.

With over 600 people attending, 250 MINIs on displays, 15 traders and £240 raised for cancer research

I think it all boils down to the fact that we actually like Tony that many attended the event as the first time I met him was at the dragon with Mersey side MINI club & MINIs Unleashed it was pleasure talking to him and hearing him talk about the show. He did exactly what he said he would do.

Bring on The BIG MIN SHOW II

Next Blog Post: MINIs On The Mind

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