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Every now and then a MINIac will come along and show you are not the BIGGEST MINI LUNATIC there is…

Nigel a good MINI Mate and one of my first supporters of the blog told me about this show called MINIs On The Mind

I was on a MINI run with him at time in the lake district with MINIs Unleashed when he spoke about the show and sent me a link soon after to show to watch.

I love the premise of the show as a group of friends who share the same passion for MINIs just talk.

MINIs On The Mind

Brian & Kyle run this weekly live video broadcast where owners and guest presenters talk all things MINI. You as the viewer are encouraged ask questions to chime into the discussion or even set the topic for the whole show.

This is main thing that misses from other shows, as there is always that disconnect from the presenter to the listener. Yes I know there is always a listener question section but it isn’t the same!! This show is made for the listeners instead of you telling them what you want to say

So when I was asked to be on the show I was more than happy to oblige to talk about what started my MINI obsession and my website

Before that we need to talk about the Brain & Kyle

We will start off with the young Top Gun Kyle who I spoke to be on the show

He owns a Cooper S Countryman All 4 aka Kowalski which has been modded for his taste of speed

When I asked for a list of mods he rattled off a long list for some time with custom this, lowered that and tuned for more power

I think he has set the BENCHMARK on how to mod a Countryman

The MINI Nation salutes you

_MG_7256 472495_10200494090267277_1980269770_o



Wondering what it sounds like???

Next up his Brain’s Motor

Another Countryman Cooper S All 4 aka Brooklyn

But this time its Cosmic blue with black out trims with another mod list as long as your arm

I especially love the JCW R134 Matt black wheels NOM NOM NOM

Countryman Cooper S drl

Countryman Cooper S side

Just like me he doesn’t care what the weather it is a CAR which is meant to be DRIVEN

Countryman Cooper S

I don’t think I have seen a finest pair of Countrymans ever given I have been across the UK and MINI UNITED and haven’t spotted a countryman and said

‘DAMN, That’s Modding DONE RIGHT!’

I plan to be a regular on the show and give my viewpoints as I have that European prospective compared the US viewpoint. But hopefully we will meet soon in real life at MINI UNITED maybe…

International MINI meet????

Here is the link to the website and Facebook page

Here is the episode I was on

The show is every Wednesday at 9:30pm EST or 2:30am GMT

A recording for the show is available the next day on the website and YouTube channel

Next Blog Post: Castle Combe Circuit – Track Shenanigans 

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