About Us


I go by many names, nicknames and Alias

D4rkhorse, Mr_M1R, RallyAli, Chotu, Alu, Blagger, AM AUTOS etc the list goes on and on

Real Name: Ali Mir

I am 24 and carefree well my only care is my MINI : )

She is more like my wife – I feed, cleaner and look after her. Makes you think who is the BOSS in this relationship

Anyway here is how MINI Madness began…

My 1st car was an R56 MINI One

I loved this MINI to bits as it made sooo many memories and MINI Adventures ; )

I was brought on to the MINI brand by a friend whose 1st car was an MINI at age of 11 well he is 50 now lol. He told me that ‘you wont have more fun on four wheels than a MINI’


He would take to bits and improve it and drive up and down his drive

This passion was translated on to me as no MINI is truly alike and everyone has a personality just like their owner

With 3 Years of MINI of many smiles per hours and MINI adventures I was forced to sell her, as I need the money to invest for my future. But I have promised myself once I earn enough money again I will buy her back. Miss you everyday BP57 NBD : /

After a lot of saving and hard work I decided to get my New MINI for my 22nd Birthday

I got my New Seksyyyysssnesssss in 2011 a Metallic Eclipse Grey John Cooper Works

This Blog is dedicated to my MINI MINIAC Obsession to the Brand, My JCW, My MINI ADVENTURES and My 2nd Family – Surrey New MINI

Disclaimer – All opinions and views are my own. Please remember to drive safe in accordance with rules of the road



  1. Your Blog is as Awesome as your MINI. Follow us at -MINI Club Turkey-

  2. hello from new mexico usa . we met in a starbucks i think it was in salt lake city. . name is tim scott my daughter is symphony with blue hair . did you get home ok ? glad to have met you. motor on . . . tim

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