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JCW ADVENTURES - ALI R56 MINI JCWThis Blog is dedicated to my MINI MINIAC Obsession to the Brand, My JCW, My MINI ADVENTURES and My 2nd Family – Surrey New MINI.

I started this MINI Adventure back in 2008 with my R56 MINI One which my father brought me. With 3 Years of MINI ownership of many smiles per hours and MINI Adventures, I was forced to sell her, as I need the money to invest in my future. But I have promised myself once I earn enough money again I will buy her back.

Miss you everyday BP57 NBD : /

JCW Adventures was only born in 2012 when my R56 JCW which was built to my spec in 2011. After that along came all the road trips, tracks, magazine shoots, TV appearances, countries and continents she still puts a smile on my face with well over 100,000 miles on the clock. I will never sell her so don’t even bother asking as She was made for me and me alone. This little thing with four wheels has given me so much I don’t think she will ever part from my side regardless of the cost as its memories, smiles, laughs, adventures and friends which have joined me on this MINI Adventure that makes her special to me.

I have done MINI UNITED 2009 in the UK, MINI UNITED 2012 in France and flew out to the US to do MINI TAKES THE STATES IN 2014. I have established my own MINI runs across the UK with the M.I.R RUN has done Wales and Scotland. The biggest one I planned was the Epic M.I.R RUN: Eurotrip which was a long road trip across Europe spanning France, Austria, Germany, Switerzland Italy to tick off the car lovers dreams like the Nurburgring, Autobahn, Col Der Turni and Stelvio pass.

That’s enough of her and more about me!

I have an obsession with anything with a steering wheel or gas pedal and have done from my childhood. I can tell what car is approaching in my rear view by its headlights or even know what I am approaching which is miles ahead by its tail lights.

I can happily bore you to death with fun, weird and wonderful facts about cars like how LEGO is the largest tyre manufacturer in the world and the R56 MINI tailpipe looks like beer cans because the designers forgot to add it! So in a last-minute save they cut up the beer can and stuck it on the clay model and their boss liked the concept and it actually made it to the final car…

You can easily spot me at a MINI meet by looking out for my signature black trilby hat.

Don’t be shy when you meet as I am always happy to speak with my followers or any burning questions you may have. Basically, my door is always open.

Here is a little insight into my personality as I am the worst type of person there as I am a morning person : )

I can be quite over the top over certain times but happy to fade away into the back.

This is why I only work in black or very very dark grey which leads on to my childhood admiration of DC Comics Batman.

Another obsession of mine to which I wish I had an Alfred, Batcave, Batmobile and a couple of billion dollars. Basically, I wish I was Bruce Wayne and vigilante Batman by night.

This translates to why I everyone else calls my MINI the Dark Knight with my traces of Batman in the interior which subtle nods to my favourite movie which is Christopher Nolan’s, Dark Knight.

This moves on to my persona which switches between business, sarcasm and over the top actions as I will only do anything if my heart and passion are in it otherwise I am not bothered. Life is basically too short not doing the stuff you don’t love or want.

I firmly believe life begins outside of your comfort zone and I hate falling into averageness or mundaness. When I feel that happens I will search for the next chapter or path I should lead on to whether it’s learning a new skill, visiting a new place or new experience I leave my door and mind open to it.

I tend to keep my phone by my side so if there a mini question rattling your mind feel to drop me a message on social media or drop me an email. I am happy to give my two cents for any MINI owner, brand or car enthusiast all over the world.

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Email – [email protected]

Disclaimer – All opinions and views are my own as I tend to speak my mind.

Please remember to drive safely in accordance with the rules of the road