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This is no ordinary post from me but one from very much from the bottom of my Heart


People always ask me why I do talk about my JCW so much??

Its just a CAR get over it?

Why is it called the Misses?

What makes your MINI so special?

Well here is your answer!!!

You are not buying a car for A to B your buying a lifestyle and a community. We don’t care about the colour of your skin, your background, religion or where you from. All we want to know is what mods have you got?

The places you have been with your MINI and the MINI adventures you have been on

What club are you in? Does your MINI have a name? Have you been to MINI UNITED??

We travel hundreds of miles and even across continents to meet!! All just for our love of all things MINI

Each adventure turns into a fond memory that is a story to tell when your old and cant go any faster

Yet that moment will always put a SMILE on face as soon as someone mentions it

We are NOT NORMAL when see another MINI headlight or rear lights as we speed up or slow down to check each other out

When see another we wave, give a thumbs up or give that nod of approval


We are so MINI MINIac that if we see another MINI parked up, we park next to it

You should never bully another MINI as we run in packs

A MINI is more than a means of transportation but a member of the family as some have name yet others are know nick names or number plates

We share our HIGHs and LOWs with our MINIs but when we unlock that door and start it that engine all those woes disappear as we are HOME with a FRIEND

The greatest people I have ever met have owned MINIs and if wasn’t for this automotive master piece I would have never met them…

They were just strangers then friends and now they are FAMILY who have taken me to my greatest heights and supported me all the way through my triumphs and troubles

Even though some MINI MATES are far far away we still hold a connection which is beyond all boundaries and limits as we are connected by our MINI LOVE

Our lives have never been the same since as we are truly MINI

So try to keep up!!!!


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