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My website has been a successful because of everyone who reads, comments and follows me.

I have hit another milestone of 15,000 views early this year

But like my JCW I am forever evolving and becoming better, stronger and faster.

But this time I need your HELP!

I want to know you opinions on what you LIKE & HATE about the website

JCW Riddle

I have set up up an anonymous comment box so you can help with the direction of the website. It will be undergoing a revamp to celebrate the 2 year anniversary and my JCW turning 3 this year.

The JCW will be undergoing some modifications soon…

JCW Mods

I mean exactly what I am saying when I ask for your opinions on the website, so be as nice and nasty as you want…

Before that here are my plans for the website this year

  1. Reviewing the F56 & All of R56 Model range
  2. Charity Run – Its time to give back to the world
  3. MIR RUN II – This is my own MINI run I plan over the UK
  4. Manufacturing my own line of MINI Car parts
  5. Instragram Meetup – 3 Meets in the year
  6. Track Days
  7. More videos – An insight into me and the JCW
  8. Competitions/Giveaways (It will be open to everyone worldwide)
  9. MINI Factory Tour
  10. Behind the scenes of MINI & tuning specialist


Here is the link to the anonymous comment box to leave your advice and criticisms

Anonymous Comment box

Next Blog Post: Castle Combe Circuit – Track Shenanigans 

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