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The Problem with buying a MINI is that you catch something called the MINI BUG!

This an addiction in buying parts and accessories to custom your MINI which is never ending

Having seen the new MINI GP being unveiled at MINI UNITED 2012 in France I loved the HUGE Brakes and rear wing and diffuser.


I wanted that Rear Diffuser for my JCW sometime later now the line when the parts if they did came available

That day came earlier than I expected as the part numbers came available just before official launch of the GP. I ordered the parts and delivery took 3 weeks

MINI GP Diffuser parts

The install was relatively simple as it was just a bolt on part with my carbon fibre trim coming off and then fixing on the diffuser part and brackets for under trays.

MINI GP Diffuser

I haven’t stopped grinning after I have the diffuser on. I cant says it made a difference on the road but MPG has gone up slightly but forget all that it looks AWESOME SAUCE!!!

MINI GP Diffuser Stance II MINI GP Diffuser Stance

I wanted to add some more NOISE to the JCW

Don’t get me wrong the JCW sounds good all round with deep burble with Pops on the overrun, but I wanted it a menacing noise and BANGS on the overrun.

I only wanted the best for my JCW so an Evolve Sports Cat would be going on and MINI Specialist LOHEN for the modification along with a few other bits


Lohen has built its reputation well with their customer service being second to none and has been voted UK Best Independent New MINI Specialist numerous times by Modern MINI Magazine readers.

Further to this Lohen run their own R56 Cooper S aka ‘Polar Bear’ in the MINI Challenge series

Lohen Entrance

Lohen Engine Block

Off I went to Lohen to get my bits put on and the roads leading to them were quite fun as well

JCW Mods & Lohen's R56 Challenge Racecar Polar Bear

First up was the Powerflex Bushes upper and lower engine mounts which reduces engine vibration and noise. Reducing the movement of the engine/gearbox helps to minimise torque steer and will make aftermarket exhausts less prone to failure due to reduced flexing.

The feel after getting them install there was noticeable difference engine response was much better. I would recommend them to anyone as its a cheap mod to do.

Craven R56 Dipstick

Out went the OEM oil dipstick because it unreadable at times and I don’t why its brown because oil becomes brown after time. In went the Craven dipstick which has easy to read with its notches and easier removed and inserted back in.

Time to hit the Dyno to get a base run of how much power my JCW was putting out

JCW Dyno

She was strapped now and the dyno fan at full blast, on she rolled with me eagerly waiting on the figures


The results were 209 BHP with 287 NM of Torque – There was a surprise drop at the top of the rev range with there being a dip before the redline

I was told by the techs that torque limiter was kicking near the redline

Out with the old and in with the new

The Evolve sports cat went on

On she went on the Dyno again to see if the sports cat made a difference

She made a few pops on the dyno ; )

There was no real performance gain but on the graph the curve was much smoother and more importantly no dip at the top end

Dyno After Sports Cat

On the road its felt with the turbo spooling way quicker and virtually no lag when you press louder pedal regardless of gear

Oh yeah it sounds hornets nest under full throttle with POPS n BANGS all the time and a meatier burble at idle : D

Lets say my JCW and Tunnels are best friends now

Before I left I picked up a Stubby Craven Aerial & Dodo Juice – Purple Haze wax for my JCW as I have heard nothing but good things

Stubby Aerial & Dodo Juic wax

Craveb Stubby Aerial

I cant not fault Lohen with the service they offered me with their knowledge and suggestions for later modification I want to do.

Now my JCW proudly wears their badge

I wish nothing them but success to Team Lohen & Polar Bear in their 2013 MINI Challenge season

Maybe my JCW will be catching up with the Polar Bear soon….


Dyno Runs

[youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=]

Exhaust Sound Clips

[youtube=] [youtube=]

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