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The month of March is no ordinary month for MINI owners worldwide

WHY you ask because its MINI MARCH!!!

The fellow MINIac that is Andrew Singer started this MINI FEST of pictures being uploaded to Instragram this month of March

Thats 31 Days of PURE MINI MADNESS


Each day users upload MINI related pictures that are asked on the list of the MINI MARCH

Make sure you post up the hash tag of #MINIMARCH

If your a MINI Fan or owner join in the fun on Instagram


Mr Singer has been having some fun of his own recently having purchased a classic mini to make into the true Mr. Beanmobile

Classic MINI

Its arrived just in time for Christmas : D

Mr Beanmobile

He didnt mess around and two weeks after taking delivery he began stripping her down for  sanding and body work prep for the paint booth

Mini stripped

The Force is STRONG with this one

Mini sanding

Leaps and bounds were made in a few short weeks with it being fully painted

Mini painting

Time to add some wheels & rubberMini Wheels

This all being done for his my special needs son Jayden who along with his sister Dakota who are the biggest Mr. Bean fans ever.

Mini & MINI

Cant wait to see it all finished : )

There is still alot to come for March as my MINI Adventures will come into full effect with Surrey New MINI

But my 1st MINI Run of the year came not with SNM but Merseryside MINI & MINIs Unleashed

Here is a Sneek pic of things to come

MINI Adventures

Dragon Run

Next Blog Post: Lohen Vs JCW Adventures

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