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Lets rewind a few years and reminiscence

Back to my Uni days where all the MINI Madness began

My Dad brought me my true first car

It was an REAL upgrade from my mum’s Honda Civic that I drove after I past my test

Lets say I wasn’t a good drive then with the only panel that was not dented was the roof once I was finished

My VTEC just kick in yoooo days were over!

I was handed the keys to my brand new Midnight Black R56 MINI One

R56 MINI One

There wasn’t much options on it and it had the 1.4L engine with 89 BHP

She sat on 16′ R94 Bridge Spokes and 0 to 60 came in at 10 seconds

Even thought she wasn’t the quickest, the handling was on another level and working the gears I was able to give a few quicker cars the slip on the bends

This is the car where I honed my driving skills and techniques like double clutching, rev matching down shifts and the ladies favourite hand brake turns

Forwarding a bit I just turned 20 and partied away night away with my uni friends

Uni days

How I miss days where it was all partying and not having a care in the world

My 20th Bday

I found out that about something called MINI UNITED and that MINI would be celebrating its 50th Anniversary

This would be my 1st MINI Adventure and I don’t think I could have had a better start

I was sooo excited as it was it Silverstone and it would be my 1st track time & MINI event

I cleaned and waxed my MINI already for MINI UNITED

My First Car

Before you all go mental about all the chrome – Chrome was COOL in 2009

At this time I hadn’t taken my MINI on the motorway or driven on the motorway for a great lengths so I was nervous about it all

Simon my close friend eased my through it all teaching me what I should be doing on the motorway

The closer we got to Silverstone the more excited i got with other MINIs flashing and horning as they drove past

I miss how back then when you saw another MINI they would flash & wave : (


We rolled up to the Silverstone gates and parked up to get our freebies

The 50th anniversary lanyard and bits where Uber cool making you feel that much more special for being there and owning a MINI

MINI UNITED 2009 Lanyard

We jumped back into the car and drove over the hill at Silverstone to be greeted with sight of thousands of MINIs parked up from all over the world

I had never seen so many MINIs in my life

I parked up again and this time to the obligatory car and driver shot for memories sake

’Driver & MINI

We walked around look at all the MINIs that come down

I was shocked to see so many foreign MINI with cars from France, Spain, Russia, Poland, Germany


We carried on walking spotting out Foreign MINIs and custom work they had done to them with the paint work

Matt Black GP

I saw this MINI GP with a Matt Black Body & Carbon Fibre roof wrap with Lime green viper stripes – Still not sure to this day whether it looked good or not

We came across this stage in the main area where MINIs would drive up and the owner would talk about their MINI & their story

’Russian MINIs

There were two ladies from Russia who drove down and it took them a week and over 3,000km!!

Little did I know I would meet them again at MINI UNITED 2012

As it was MINI’s birthday!! It wouldn’t be right not to write it a little message

MINI Bday Card

My MINI Bday Message

There was plently to with all with the MINI Merchandise shops and MINI Clubs to join

You could pull a MINI if you fancied

Pull a MINI

I was more of relaxed with the DJ playing some good sets

Back then one of past times was to DJ so I had to get a shot with DJ stand


There was one tent at MINI UNITED which drew my attention the most

I didn’t know that MINI did a one make racing series and it was amazing that you could walk around this area and look at all mechanics working on the cars

’MINI Challenge Pit

Never seen people move so fast working on car and they were all happy to talk to you as well

’’MINI Challenge Pit 2

This got me all excited and I wanted a JCW – This was the day the saving pot for my JCW began

I was told you could race your MINI on the track which I jumped at it

After a safety briefing detailing over view of the track, racing line and safety we headed down to the track

Race Your MINI

My MINI was a little overpowered by the opposition

Simon didn’t come with me the first go around as he was a bit dubious of my driving but took some shots as I went around


The 2nd time around simon came around with and guided me on how to drive fast on the track. He had some track time before and had his fair share of fast cars ranging from fast fords to V12 jags

MINI on Track

We managed to keep up with the coopers and you should have seen the grin on my face

MINI Race Action

This is the day Simon appointed the nickname of Rally Ali to me 

After the R56 & I cooled down we headed back to look around the collection of MINIs on show

The Monte Carlo winning rally MINI was there with the MINI Challenge race car


Mr Beans & Paul Smith mini were present

Mr Bean MINI

’Paul Smith Mini

But I loved this Girlie Cop Clubman

Police Clubman

I had a fantastic day out and couldn’t wait till the next MINI UNITED

Still remember this event like yesterday and it always brings back many smiles & smerks

Early 2013 I bumped in my 1st Car & MINI : D

My First Car & MINI

Still miss that MINI

I know a few of you went to MINI UNITED 2009 – Why not share your memories in the comments

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