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2012 was coming to a close and this would be the last meet of the year and everyone would be coming to my home town. I wanted to make everyone feel welcome and show them what Birmingham had to offer plus the city could do some more MINIacs.

Two days before the event my JCW was booked in for warranty work as the airbox snapped and i was given the new 3 series for the day.

BMW 3 series

It actually a nice place to be in and it was a shame it was powered by the devil juice aka Diesel. On a side note the 3 series is actually the service manager’s personal car.

The 1st to arrive was the lovely Christine the one who brought me into the club. She has had her fair share of fast cars and MINIs but she wasn’t staying. She was leaving her JCW aka Sheldon with me whilst she away with work in Manchester.

My drive way didn’t look too shabby that day with over 800 BHP sitting there (2 JCWs & the Porsche). I was entrusted with her keys whilst she went away Murraahhhhh

Christine came baring gifts bringing my SNM Roof decals which are in the style of GP roof numbers

SNM Roof Decal

DS Graphics one of our site sponsors had made them up for me and they were Charcoal Grey. As you should know by now I am into my subtle touches and the number corresponds to my club member number.

She brought me ‘MINI temptation’ in book form with the 2013 catalogue for MINI accessories

MINI Accessories

I am gonna blame her for the bits I have order for this year so far…

The night before everyone was coming down Christine return from work and I got to show her the Infamous Queens way tunnel in Brum which I always bang on about. Let’s just say my JCW my exhaust is sounds fruitier in that tunnel for some strange reason  ; )

I took her out to my favourite Chinese restaurant Oodles & Noodles in Star City given it was Friday night and I wanted to show her around a bit more.

Oodles & Noodles

We headed back home for her to pick up Sheldon and intro her to my family and my close friend Simon who was over that night. Simon is the one who got me into MINIs.

This was it today was The Birmingham Job with everyone coming down the night before we headed to Cadbury factory tour NOM NOM NOM

I met up with Christine in the morning to get our JCWs washed before the event as we like our MINIs shiney shiney

Shiney JCWs

We grabbed some Fish n Chips after that for lunch and I gave her a tour of the MIR residence and waited for everyone to arrive.

We met up with everyone at the hotel in the evening and this where Christine brought out her surprise present for me

I was lost for words for a few seconds which is rarity given the memories the custom calendar she had made for the Fast Five


Thank you Christine and it hangs on my wall next to my bed

The madness would begin with us heading out to Frankie & Benny’s

SNM Meal

After we headed down to the German Market in Birmingham town which involved going through the Queen way’s tunnel. I think i now know why Birmingham has a nickname of Brum after 6 MINIs going Blat in the tunnel.

We all managed to have a look around the German market but didn’t get around fully as it was being closed earlier than last year.

German Market

The 1st day of the Birmingham Job was done but the next day would have the smell of chocolate in the air.

Me being the joker i am i wanted everyone to go away with a smile on their face and good memories of coming i dressed up for Cadbury Tour.

Sheikh Ali

I got out my Sheikh outfit to wear which i brought when i went to Saudi Arabia

I lead the convoy of the 20 Strong MINIs to the Cadbury factory with me getting some interesting views on the motorway and around town.

When we drove into the Cadbury factory car park you could smell chocolate in the air, maybe there is some chocolate in my air filter hmmm

SNM at Cadbury

We managed to get all our MINIs all lined up together : D

Sheikh Ali managed to pull some girls whilst at Cadbury apparently it was 2 for 1 that day on English wives

Sheikh Ali's Wives

We all followed the smell of chocolate in the factory

I was impressed by the Cadbury shop but I guess Sheikh Ali could have brought it all no problem

There was band playing Xmas songs in the lobby which added to the atmosphere

Cadbury World

The tour of the factory and learning about the history of Cadbury was interesting seeing it come from a small shop to power house it is today.

Each zone of the tour had a different period ranging from where chocolate comes from to Mr Cadbury’s 1st shop to todays modern chocolate manufacturing and packaging.


Cadbury Film

There were section where you would sit down and watch a film about the history and the manufacturing process of making Cadbury chocolate. At one point it shoot air in your face or the chair with shake with the process which made for some frights and giggles.

The modern section of the tour went into the process of making chocolate now and how Cadbury’s advertising has changed over the years



My person favourite is Cadbury’s CRUNCHIE advert with ‘I’m So Excited’ track by The Pointer Sister


Dont worry guys n girls the Guerilla was there to playing the drums to Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight

Near the end of the tour there was chance to immortalise yourself in chocolate

So Sheikh Ali dawned his Dictator pose for all his loyal subjects

Chocolate Dicator

It was great day out and ironically I had never been before even though I live in Birmingham but Meh. It was great seeing everyone smiling and having everyone down in my home town.

Thank you James for the effort you put in making the event happen as this was your event and I was just helping out with my local knowledge


Mandy didn’t leave without giving me a gift as she knew I am huge Batman fan which added to my growing keyring which finishes of my keys with the Red bezel around my fob

The day wasnt finished for me as i would heading out to see the lovely Ellie Goulding Live

Ellie Goulding

I am HUGE fan for her songs after hearing her voice in 2009 with the track Under The Sheet (Jakwob Remix). I have been infatuated with her ever since as her voice relaxes me and lets me zone out from everything.


Seeing her live made me stand there in awe as she truly has a voice of an angel

2013 is gonna be even Bigger, Faster and Louder than 2012

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