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With 2012 coming to a close this would be one of the biggest meets of the year for Surrey New Mini with alot of new faces and MINIs

Always it was a long drive to Goodwood and i had been a few times that year with MINI UK themselves inviting me for MINI TO THE MAX event to trash around some MINIs and feel the new GP in action on the circuit.



The Goodwood Circuit was being opened just for us

This would be the Fifth Annual Goodwood Run for SNM but my 1st with the club

Little adam was with me this time and this would be his 1st time on the circuit

The roads leading to Goodwood are awesome sauce but make your car quite dirty : /

I arrived to Goodwood to the sight of a few familiar faces with 118 aka Ian, Phil K & Garry S

There were some new faces & whips – Craig with his Mellow Yellow Cooper S, Jane with her Coupe SD, John with his Cooper S, Ashley with a White Cooper S, Liz & John wih their Dooper Hatch, Stuart and his Red JCW Hatch, Jono with his Hyper Blue tuned Cooper S and Jason with his drop top Cooper S

When no one paying attention i managed to sneek my JCW to the front of the starting grid Mwahahhahaahhaha

As more and more MINIs arrived it started to look like skittles out there on the track

Here is all of SNM together


Here is everyone from Chequered line to the back

SNM Goodwood Meet 1

SNM Goodwood Meet 2

WC50 Vs Cooper SD

SNM Goodwood Meet 3

SNM Goodwood Meet 4

SNM Goodwood Meet 5

Mellow Yellow Cooper S

SNM Goodwood Meet 6

SNM Goodwood Meet 7

Sheldon & Mrs Mini

SNM Goodwood Meet 8

SNM Goodwood Meet 9

T K detailing R53 Cooper S

SNM Goodwood Meet 10

The Infamous Dinky

SNM Goodwood Meet 11

SNM Goodwood Meet 12

SNM Goodwood Meet 13

Sexy Sexy as usual Bambino

SNM Goodwood Meet 14


SNM Goodwood Meet 15

We were 50 MINIs strong once everyone arrived : D

We were allowed to go around of a parade lap

On the 2nd lap i pulled to the side to film flybys of SNM


I was soo much easier going around Goodwood this time and i remembered Phil’s advice on the circuit to tuck in more to the end of the track

It was nice seeing everyone again and i was happy to see Bambino one of our members who won a MINI Oscar for his Infamous MINI BUG


Thank you Ian organising the event and to the other Ian the official at Goodwood for the chat and this possible for SNM.

I will see you all again at the Goodwood: Festival Of Speed & Revival later this year

I end this Blog on a sad note because GP 0219 – Licence plate VO06 DZE was stolen

GP 0219

If you see it tell the police and post up on the MINI Forums – TotalMINI, SNM, MINI Torque, Merseryside MINI Club, Cooper Register and MINI2

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SNM Goodwood Meet V Videos

[youtube=] [youtube=]

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