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With 2012 over and many MINI Memories made

My JCW & Me had the time of our lives with my JCW appearing on the National Geographic channel, travelling to MINI UNITED 2012 and various MINI Events and visiting a different city every month

This year has been the best year of my life and actually alot of it to my MINI given i wouldn’t have done half things if i didn’t owe one

Through owning my JCW i got to drive a classic mini at TV Shoot for the National Geographic show and made some new MINI Mates

Classic mini

Dave – The owner of the Classic mini & Photographer


Michael  – Another awesome photographer with Degree in Automotive design


Becoming a proud member of Surrey New MINI (SNM)


Travelling across France to reach MINI UNITED 2012 in a convoy of 5 MINIs from the UK


Meeting the Monte Carlo MINI Rally winners –  Rauno Aaltonen & Paddy Hopkirk


Visiting Monaco & Paris – Still cant believe we drove the whole track of the Monaco F1 Circuit


Meeting Automotive Legends Russ Swift & Chris Harris at Brands Hatch

Automotive Legends

Pushing my JCW to its limits on various tracks across the UK & France – Brands Hatch, Castle Combe, Monaco Circuit, Paul Ricard, Goodwood & Santa Pod


Having Hot laps in the MINI CHALLENGE Race car

MINI Challenge

Holding the Olympic Torch


Being invited by MINI UK to see the New MINI GP


Modding my JCW and meeting some many new people and MINIacs


Meeting some of my followers & supporters : D


Becoming the Fast Five – Christine, Janet/Phil, Garry and Phil


Starting the blog as just away to share my passion and watching it take off beyond my expectations


I made so many great memories this year with liked mind people who make the most of life has to offer

But behind every smile there is a tear

But we rewind to 2011 which was the worst year of my life and towards end of the year i gave up as i couldn’t take the pain no more

What everyone doesn’t know or didn’t see was my pain both mentally and physically as i had so many problems and my BMW got written off as i travelling on a motorway and slowed down for an accident and the truck driver behind me didn’t pay attention.

I suffered alot from that pain in March 2011 with me having whiplash and unbearable lower back pains with unable to sit down for no more than 10 minutes. On top of that i had insomnia for months and when i did sleep to be suddenly woken like someone had stuck a knife in my back

I had lost alot at this point but this wasn’t the end as i had another two car accidents again people who weren’t paying attention

This was the time where i gave up and couldn’t see the end to my pain and suffering

I still battle with that pain to this day and i don’t think my back will ever be the same

On a last minute thing i went to London for New Year’s Eve to celebrate the beginning of 2012 with my cousin and close friends.


As i watched 2011 come to a close and watched 2012 begin with the fireworks, something clicked and this where i came up with my bucket list of things to do in 2012

I made a PROMISE to myself that i would do them all and i did

I have never been more happier in my life

The advice i have to everyone is stop putting things aside and there are no excuses

If you want to go do something just go and do it

Trust me you don’t want to be sitting there all old with no stories to tell

Always remember everything happens for a reason, you just cant see it at the time

2013 Calender 2013

Thank you Christine for 2013 Calendar & bringing me into the club xxx

There are BIG PLANS for 2013 for Me & JCW

Here is a sneaky peek for 2013 plans…

Racing License

Next post: SNM Goodwood Meet

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