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One of the main reasons why i love my MINI is because of the community and owners

We are not normal people, we are weird and wonderful people with stories to tell because We Live Life

MINI Owners are all different just like their MINIs

No MINI is EVER truely alike

I have made a community, friends and family through MINI


If it wasnt for my MINI i dont think i would do half the things i have done or met these people along my MINI Adventure

MINI MONDAY is a celebration of Everything MINI for all the MINIacs across the globe show their MINIs and their MINI Adventures

Every Monday without fail millions and swillions of owners post on Instagram and twitter pictures of their Pride & Joys hash tagging the word #MINIMONDAY


While everyone is having Moaning Monday, us MINI Owners are smiling and meeting new MINIs and Owners to join our MINI Family

This event is founded by a loyal supporter and fellow MINIac Andy Singer who has helped the blog from day one and was an inspiration for me to setup the blog

Andy has a very interesting MINI which is very recognisable 

MR Bean Mobile

Andy is from Passaic NJ USA and owns a custom 2005 Mini Cooper S convertible that

He transformed it into a Mr. Bean tribute car for my special needs son Jayden who along with his sister Dakota are the biggest Mr. Bean fans ever.

Andy's Family

Laughter is the greatest medicine and this car reminds us and those who see it to just laugh and enjoy.

mr bean mobile

Its got Mr.Bean’s stuff all inside and out and of course its custom painted the same colour as the Classic Mini Mr Bean drove with Teddy.

Go follow him Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and KIK @Mr_Beanmobile

Why not join us Every Monday and buy the MINIMONDAY Decal on


Andy is a LARGER than Life guy and his posts and images always make me smile


I would say he is a BIGGER MINI LOONEY than ME!!!

This is the kind of passion i love

As I have this simply saying

‘The way you treat people is the way you feel inside’ Ali Mir

I live by this hence why i am always smiling and happy to help anyone

All your likies, tweeties, comments, tags and messages make me smile : )

I love all you guys and more so the girlies hehe

Thank you for all your continued support and love from all over the world

Here are a few of my Followers & MINIacs



Merry MINI Christmas & Happy MINI New Year from JCWADVENTURES.COM

Holiday Blessings

This Blog is in dedication to my Grand Mother who died on December 19th 2012 from Cancer

Next post MINI Memories

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