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It was time again for some Track action with the JCW

The platform for some JCW Madness was with MINI World’s Action Day at Castle Combe Circuit

This circuit has staged many forms of Motorsports since 1950 and has been on TV with both UK Motor shows Top Gear and Fifth Gear.

This event was through Total MINI and Yeoda aka John who is awesome all round guy

I am actually slightly jealous of John’s job given he drives some tasty cars all the time. He is a driving Instructor at Castle Combe & Mercedes World – Its a hard job but someone has to do it lol

The Full Fast Five from Surrey New MINI and my favorite M&Ms from TotalMINI and SNM so it would be there and it would be nice to meet a few new MINI owners as well

JCW given was given a Shiny Shiny wax with Autoglym HD was filled with Shell V-power

It was an interesting trip down to Wiltshire as we went past a few MINIs en-route to the event both classic and New

The closer i got to Castle Combe the more MINIs i saw and most interesting were these two Laser blue MINIs

The JCW was leading the pack of the two with the Lush Cooper S in hot pursuit

Its owner of the JCW was Dawn who has done some nice blacking out of the chrome and had day time running lights fitted


Ah yess little miss Dee Dooo Laa Looo (Dee) and her Laser Blue Cooper S with gloss black accents and flame spoke wheels.

Her co pilot for the day was Cop girl aka Mandy who has driven her share of Morgans and TVRs.

Dee n mandy

The meet point at Dunns Lane Car park to get everyone together for a convoy to the track as well as everyone to get acquitted with one another

John gave us a quick briefing about the track and that we would have our own stand plus full laps with just on the track

Our MINIs got a little dirty along the way to Castle Combe given we had to drive down narrow country roads.

The Fast Five arrived with Mrs MINI having done some interesting LOUD mods to her Cooper S

Lets say we created a MINI Traffic jam on the way to the circuit


We ushered on by the officials on to our stand where we were at least 20 MINIs strong

This is were Christine and Garry played a little prank on with me saying that i had to pee into a bottle to check for alcohol levels in your blood before you got go racing

Like an idiot i feel for it  : /

I signed up to track my JCW and with Castle Combe i was required to have a helmet to do track time

I hired one out and popped it on turning into instant racing driver


We were given a safety and track briefing by officials before we went on and told not to overtake on corners

Then we took our MINIs for a sound check before we could go track

I believe 108 Decibels was the limit on the day

A sound check is done by leaving the car in neutral and revving the engine to 4,000 Rpms and holding it there

I drove JCW to the starting grid and parked up it

Lets Race

I got some advice off John about the track and got to speak to his lovely wife Emma who is one of my original followers on Instagram and fellow runner

John and Emma

Her advice on running is always spot on and she is alot better than me given she has done a few marathons

With any track i have been on i go slow on the 1st and 2nd Lap to learn the circuit and see where i can carry speed, brake and find the racing line.

Learning the track is KEY to going faster and being safe

JCW on track

With the 1st lap dusted i built up my speed gradually to see where i could push my JCW

JCW on back straight

Finally i popped on the Camera to film my hot laps with my JCW hitting 100mph on the back straight

The small Chicanes were the best bit of the track given you could weave and hit the rumble strip on the way out of them

JCW on track

Castle combe is flat and easy marked track allowing you to carry alot of speed through each of its corner

JCW on track

Castle Combe circuit is the most enjoyable and accessible track in the UK

We all pulled back in and line up the MINIs again on our stand for me to meet Martin one of the Masters of which is actually the 1st MINI forum i joined when i had my MINI One

It was pleasure speaking to him. He was here at the show to buy some bits for his Classic MINI and wanted to come to say Hi and he is one of my long time loyal follower and support of my Blog


With Martin coming over a small crowd gather over my JCW with people mainly wondering where my front plate was and admiration of subtle mods on my MINI

Its always nice meeting new people and fellow MINI owners and i am always open to question about my JCW and let people take picture and nose around

Everyone always asks me about the Recaros – Are they comfortable?

JCW Interior

Best seats in the world with the soft touch alcantara and leather and your more than happy to have a seat in them to have a feel of them

We all went for around to see the other MINIs around the show and temptation is always near for me to buy a Classic Mini with some fine examples on show

Classic MINI

If i could have any Classic Mini it would be have to Red Cooper with spot lights

There were some beautiful British racing green Minis on show

Classic MINI

I saw this classic Mini with carbon fibre bonnet Hmmmm

Classic MINI with CF Bonnet

I had to take a pic of a classic MINI tribute car to Mr Beans Mini for my one number supporter, promoter, MINIac and MINI Monday founder Andy Singer

Mr Bean's MINI

He inspired me to take the blog to another level and share my passion to the world like he has and proudly support MINI Monday every Monday without fail

I was hungry for some track time however it was our parade lap time with the classics

We were waved on by the marshals to go on to the track and drove around the track for the parade lap with both Classics and New MINIs

Parade Lap

Me being the joker i am i played the self preservation society song whilst we went around the track gaining giggles and waves from other MINI owners

After some lunch and TotalMINI & SNM fired up their MINIs for our solo parade lap with all our New MINIs

Garry’s Green Monster had problems on the day as the ECU was cutting boost and putting it into limp home mode

With the coming to a close i went to go have a look at race cars Sussex road and race brought along

R53 road legal racer

R53 Road Racer

R56 Challenge Race car

R56 Challenge Racecar

With the day coming to a close John had allocated for us to have some laps at the end of day for just us : D

We all lined up our tasties

Race time

Dee Dooo Laa Looo (Dee) was having the time of her life given she hasnt been on a track before and she was doing really good to be fair

Dee Dooo La loo

An Immaculate GP was among us


Once we did our slow lap we were allowed to stay on to go as fast as we wanted but no overtaking the corners

Race time

This led to some interesting racing…

Garry’s Green Monster wasnt playing ball with in being in Limp Home mode

We headed to Kevin of Sussex road and race for him to have a look at Garry’s WC50

Fault check

He plugged in Diagnostic tool into the OBD port to find out why the boost was being cut and to get rid of limp home mode

There were a few possibilities to the problem given the Evolve remap nearly destroyed his engine and was removed

Minicraft had been working hard on creating a custom map which would be safe on a power hike and durability

Kevin jacked up the WC50 to see if there wasn’t any problems with the turbo or pressure leaks

WC50 Down

The source of the problem was a loose Lambda sensor

Kevin went into detail about how the Challenge car they own and run in the series is kept close to a JCW with the engine as the car has ample power but needs to put it down better

This is THE REASON why i haven’t remapped mine as i seen and heard horror stories of cars having problems after a remap

I have planned various modifications around Kevin’s advice and i will going down the reducing unsprung weight, traction and suspension route

Garry was a happy chappy again given it was back to being the Green Monster

It was a great day out with me bringing new members to Surrey New MINI and actually meeting my supporters and followers of my blog

With the JCW finishing the Castle Combe track another sticker was added to the rear window

Rear Window

My rear window is like a scrap book of the places i have been

Track Action Videos:

Parade Lap –

JCW Track Time –

SNM Racing –


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