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With a few events and memories under my wheels

I caught the modding Bug again : /

First on the list was to get rid of the CHROME GRILL Surrounds

It was previously Black on all JCWs but with mine being a LCI (Facelifted model) they changed to minimise the different parts needed at the factory to keep prices down : O

Cost me £45 plus fitting for the Black Grille Surround

This made my JCW look alot more Aggressive GRRRRRRR

It was off with The Standard Chrome Side Vents to JCW Mesh Vents

To a nod to my old R56 MINI One, I fitted my Cheeky Little Handcuffs to the sun visor

I am not gonna say anything about them but instead let you ponder about that…

I am HUGGGGEEE Motoring fan and Car Lover so got some new window decals for the rear windows as i would be soon be visiting the place where JCW was developed and honed the Green Hell aka Nurburgring

I hated the yellow light coming from the front side lights and changed them to LEDs for a Bright White Light to match my Xenon Lights.

A MINI road trip to Shrewsbury again was needed for Carbon Fibre Goodness and to Sharpen up the JCW’s Go Karting Handling.

I ordered the Carbon Fibre Steering Wheel Insert to match my JCW Gearknob

I also purchased the JCW Strut Brace to which i wasn’t sure about as i know modern cars have alot stiffer chassis now and not like the old Ford Cortinas where the body would flex.

If it did make a difference it would be to cornering ability. If not it would be just be some under the bonnet BLING!!!

Yet I read on the forums that it eliminated some of the torque steer that would be of benefit to my MINI Adventures.

I Love how the JCW Logo is engraved on the strut brace

I am happy to say that i was shocked with the difference given the JCWs Huge pedigree on the handling front. Turn in is sharper, Torque steer has been nearly eliminated, the ride actually improved with it feeling alot the less crashy over poor roads and at high speeds the car is alot more stable.

Next Post – Smile for the Camera….

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