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I was invited by MINI Shrewsbury for a Mystery Run

I was told to arrive by 8 at the dealership where we had Breakfast

We weren’t told where we were going and just given a Postcode then we all set off

The Mystery Tour Began

There was a convoy of around 50 MINIs – This was actually my 1st MINI run

Everyone was nice and everyone was interested in my JCW and the Eclipse Grey paint

The roads on the way were fantastic and we made a right noise in the small town we drove through on the way : )

I love the way we stopped people as 50 MINIs rolled through the little town

The final destination was actually Black Rock Sands in Morfa Bychan  (North Wales)

Morfa Bychan has a beach known as Black Rock Sands which stretches for two miles from the eastern end of the National Trust’s Ynys Cyngar on the Afon Glaslyn [River Glaslyn] estuary along Tremadog Bay to Criccieth beach which is accessible at low tide.

It was kind of cold day but hey thats the British summer for you

I couldnt resist drving around the corners you see and i started a little Gymkhana course behind all the MINIs where i set cones out.

We would drive to one cone do a handbrake turn around the cone then back to the other cone and do the same.  So much FUN!!!!

The roads back where even more amazing with tight S bends that went into mountains with steep drops down the sides.

I stopped at a Moor to take some shots

Moments like this make you love your MINI with community, the passions the owners have and the Go-karting handling through the A & B roads.

Videos of Mystery Tour:  &


More Images from The Tour:

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