Let’s Motor: Unwritten Rules Of MINI Ownership

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You have seen the movies and read the magazines, then came the steps to buy the Icon and join the cult of MINI. You sat there going through the configurator building your MINI to your exact spec or searched the lots and online classifieds and found your Dream MINI. You hand over your hard earned cash, in return given a set of keys, which is happiness on wheels. But what you didn’t realise is that you gained something more. You are welcomed to a new family, community and world you didn’t know that existed.

Don’t worry!!! I am here to help guide you through that journey and show what it’s like to be a MINI owner and the self apposed unwritten rules we are governed by.


MINI Owner Rules:

Rule 1 – Always Park Next to Another MINI

Rule 2 – Always WAVE When You See another MINI #SaveTheWave

Rule 3 – Always Give Way to Another MINI

Rule 4 – Secretly Every MINI has a Nickname!!! – Not everyone likes to admit this

Rule 5 – Never drop your window after it has rained

Rule 6 – Join a MINI Club – Facebook groups don’t count unless they hold their own events

Rule 7 – Go to a MINI Event/Show

Rule 8 – Go on a Long Roadtrip with other MINI Owners

Rule 9 – If you had a cheeky bit of fun with another MINI, always flash your hazards before you part ways ; )

Rule 10 – Always help another MINI owner in need, even if you’re not in your MINI

Rule 11 – Talk about your MINI at every conceivable moment to get other people to get a MINI : )

Rule 12 – We are your 2nd Family so we always look after our own, no matter your problems – we got your back

Rule 13 – No one can open the passenger door on the first attempt

Rule 14 – Buy shares in Castrol & Warranty Wise

Rule 15 – It’s all about smiles per hour not miles per hour

Rule 16 – Sometimes/Alot of the time Mini or MINIs become money pits….

Rule 17 – We speed up in the corners

Rule 18 – If you never owned one you will never understand

Rule 19 – Everyone has a fond memory of Mini or MINI

Rule 20 – There is no divide between Classic and BMW MINIs – Let it go seriously!


Now you know the sacred rules, go forth and complete them and let everyone else know!!

Let me know if you think I missed some rules in the comments below or on social media.


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