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With the rise of retro chic and hipsters around the world has changed since the rebirth of the MINI in 2001 which brought the swinging 60s back with it. BMW’s rebirth of the brand brought a new and old generation back to most fun you can have on four wheels. Some were buying it for the small compact size, low running and fuel economy but others just wanting a slice of the Italian job and MINI adventures. Which one are you?

Having been a MINI owner since 2008 with my first car & love my beloved R56 MINI ONE 1.4, it always brought a smile to my face through my university years. I wasn’t part of the MINI scene but I wanted to but didn’t know to get into it. I didn’t break my cherry until attending MINI UNITED 2009 with a friend who told me to buy a MINI. I guess he started this MINI obsession of mine. His first car was a mini which was brought for him when he was 12!!! I am sure you already know the rest with my MINI adventures in my JCW.


Going back to the title question are you a MINI owner or MINIac? There is a clear difference between to the two.


A MINI owner is someone who has a MINI as city car.

A MINIac is someone who owns a MINI to drive around town to have fun.

A MINI owner is someone who cares about fashion and looking good.

A MINIac is someone who buys a car to be different and to project their personality on.

A MINI owner doesn’t get excited seeing another MINI.

A MINIac is someone who checks out another mini and gives them a smile, the nod of approval, flash or does the MINI WAVE.

A MINI owner is someone who brought a small car.

A MINIac is someone who always parks next to another MINI.

A MINI owner sees their car as a depreciating asset.

A MINIac is sees their MINI as part of who they are and part of their family.

A MINI owner doesn’t know other owners.

A MINIac will know another just by looking a number plate or customisation/mods.

A MINI owner sees their car as object to go A to B.

A MINIac will go for a drive on the roads less taken.

A MINI owner takes a holiday.

A MINIac travels across cities, countries, states, board lines, continents to travel with other MINIac for a MINI Adventure.

A MINI owner will cut you up.

A MINIac will always give way to another MINI even if it’s out of their way.

A MINI owner has their family and friends.

MINI is the only car that comes with friends as standard (MINIacs 2nd family).

A MINI owner will just say they own a MINI.

A MINIac always steer the conversation towards talking about their MINI.

A MINI owner parks up and walks away.

A MINIac will turn around for those few seconds and just stare then take a million pictures.

A MINI owner spec their car for resale value.

A MINIac will spend, spend, spend on their car to give it a personality then spend more money on it taking it to the point that it is unsellable to a point – ahhhh custom mods.

surrey new mini

There is a level above this MINIac level which is a CERTIFIED MINIAC who has changed how the MINI community for the better. Their personality has brought even more people together for our shared loves of all things MINI. They may have started a mod, club or a MINI Run which has benefited us all or even set the standard in modifying MINIs across the world which has sparked others to follow or improve on. I have met this few characters from being in the scene for going on 4 years. I am glad I have met them as they truly make the community what it is and I hope to meet many more across the world as my MINI adventures continue…

MTTS 2014

There is one major thing that bugs me now out on the road as 1st & 2nd Gen MINIs have become affordable to buy. To be precise it saddens me as it used to be the MINI driver was an aware driver of their driving and traffic around them. From what I have seen since the launch of the 3rd Gen MINI I have begun seeing MINIs in areas which I wouldn’t have normally seen them and these owners driving has begun giving us a bad name. The MINI has become one of those “small run around cars’ : (

mini passion

I have travelled the across boards, countries, continents to do MINI events and nothing really ever changes but the people I meet. I love listening to their stories how this little car changed our lives as we know it. MINIacs across the world have put a smile on my face countless times with the passion and their individual MINIs. This is exactly what has made the MINI community a 2nd family to me with no boundaries. This passion makes us who we are and the reason why we are drawn to the brand and its lifestyle. I am yet to meet a MINIac who hasn’t changed my life in some shape or form.

As always try to keep it’s a MINI ADVENTURE.

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