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I was get asked what mods are on my JCW and WHY haven’t you lowered or remapped it yet etc. But to be honest I have always been happy with the way it drove and handled given I had only been on one track before I brought my JCW. However as we all know and lie to ourselves as MINI is never stock for long. This my take on money no object on building the ultimate R56 for the road and track with OEM parts only but with a select aftermarket parts for it to be liveable on a daily basis along with track shenanigans as well.
I have often pondered about this about in my spare time and looking around the show and race scene how I could make my JCW go faster whilst snapping people’s necks as they looked at me rolling bye. DUECES.
First things first we need a body in white which would be a Cooper S/JCW Chassis as it would be easier given I would slot in a new heart in the engine compartment. With the bare chassis I would mate it with the familiar engine with a french twist from the Peugeot RCZ-R as the 1.6 THP turbocharged petrol engine generates 270 Bhp & 330NM (same mini engine in R56 taken up a notch with less problems but this RCZ-R is basically a poor man’s Audi TT).
Peugeot RCZ-R
This feat was achieved from engineering innovations from using Formula One grade forged aluminium pistons and an uprated clutch. Yet in the RCZ-R It achieves up to 44.8mpg and CO2 emissions of just 145g/km which isn’t so bad given the MINI will be lighter and faster on its toes. To keep this power in check Peugeot Torsen limited Slip differential and 380 mm brake discs will make in significant difference in corner entry and exit spends which is where all the fun happens.
Peugeot RCZ R engine
I would keep the diff but add in the GP2 brakes to keep the wheels at 17 inch diameter but add in the BMW 135i performance brake discs which are perforated and grooved for better track cooling plus they look cooler (GP2 brakes are basically 135i brakes). The RCZ gearbox would come along with it to cope with the power but would be changed to have short throw with a simple mod for shaper gear changes but better engine performance on track a Forged intercooler would be installed to eliminate heat soak. The GP2 coilovers would be dropped in to lower the car whilst giving comfort for OEM keeping but part of me would be gripping towards getting KW Clubsports because they come with adjustable top mounts and will perform better on track and road compared to the Bilsteins due to the adjustments.
An adjustable coil over suspension, with 6-piston Brembo® front
To keep this looney daily on the ground the GP2 diffuser and front under tray would be fitted along with eye candy GP2 rear spoiler all of which have been tested by MINI engineers in winder tunnels and on the green hell. This is one part that is most often overlooked the interior where you send all your time therefore we are going with the JCW Recaro buckets seats with half Alcantara and leather as they offer perfect bolstering and look the business. When I was specin my JCW there wasn’t this option at the time so leather dashboard would have been selected along with Alcantara rear seating which were made available when the newer GP2 seats arrived.
team jcw
Like I said in the title this would be a weekend warrior so I would remove the rear seats and installed the GP2 rear seat delete when I went on full day track days or across Europe for longer MINI adventures. Carbon fibre dash pieces, gear knob, hand brake, door pulls and steering wheel insert as ever go fast faster interior needs carbon fibre. I preferred the GP2 steering as it was thicker and leather had a better feel to the touch but to make it have that extra touch it would go off to LG Trimming for an added touch of BMW Java Green stripe. I would request further work for the lower dash pads and door armrests to be re-trimmed in leather to match the steering wheel with the neon green stitching. Lawrence has worked on a lot of awarding cars but the most famous is the LEX’s R53
LG Trimming
The neon green is being used to keep in the theme of batman universe as my JCW other nickname within the MINI would be the DARK KNIGHT because of my childhood obsession. This JCW would be called the THE JOKER aka MR J hence I would go custom paint of bringing pack the much-loved Black Eye Purple/BMW Techno Violet for the add MINIdividuality. To insure MR J was noticed I would have HA HA HA green decals on the rear quarters along with a private number plate – MR11 JKR.
As Mr J has distinctive laugh it which can heard a mile away its only fair a challenge back box be fitted to this JCW to bring the NOISE. From what I have heard the challenge box on a stock R56 JCW is significantly louder than normal JCW without being annoying on daily usage but will set off car alarms if you wish ; P The noise wont be just coming from outside but from the inside as I have HK system have installed but a nice modern twist to the central speedo by removing and wiring in a mini iPad for greater customisation. The idea is to relay oil & coolant temps etc for track use and better navigation,video and music play back for daily use and MINI adventures.
r56 mini challenge
As this is a money no object project I would get some custom forged P101 HRE wheels in satin black to show off the java green calipers so there was no JOKE this MINI meant business with all its cards on the table. All the plastic arches/exterior trim would be colour coded to the body paint for the seamless look with the GP2 diffuser painted satin black for added uniqueness. Carbon fibre Bi-Xenon light from Duell AG with halo lights along MINI’s DRL lights so you can see this Villain in your rear view.VIS racing carbon fibre hood would aid cooling and lightened the front end given this animal is running a lot more power than normal. I would have fully open bonnet scoop to allow more air along with the MINI Challenge bonnet scoop cooling vent to force more air over the turbo.
hre wheels p101
Finally touches would be custom badging with the JCW badge to be removed from the front and rear but the rear would have a custom badge which would resemble GP badge but with the words JK. All the chrome line interior trims would be painted matte purple and just like dashboard in my JCW would be customised to depict joker famous scene from the dark knight trilogy. The roof would be skinned in carbon fibre with gloss finish and my Surrey new mini club GP styles numbers in charcoal grey just for old-time sake.
What would be your take if money was no object? Would go BECAUSE RACE CAR, STANCE NATION, 1 OF 1 or just build the MINI of your dreams from the configurator.
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