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It’s that time of the year where I reflect on my life and see where it has taken me. This year has been a year of many lows and highs. Past all this I have grown as an individual with my aims in life shifting as there has been more stability and different end goals.

On a whole my life has improved and I have begun to value things a lot more in a different light as I grow older and experience what life has to offer.

I promise you will see more of me this year as I have few events I still need go to with different trips aboard already in the pipeline. I have gained a lot more contacts in the MINI world with word of mouth travelling faster and website being more recognised by MINIacs and MINI as a company.

I think a trip to the Geneva Motor Show will be on the cards as I have always wanted to go this show given the show will be official European unveiling of the F56 JCW.


The Misses is still running good with a lot of miles on the clock and I wont sell her as I have previously stated as I will just buy another car. This will allow me to turn her into a more focused track weapon for weekend warrior antics. She will be getting a few important modifications which have been a long time coming. Another trip to Lohen for this fettling…

I will be reviewing the F56 JCW when it comes out with me testing its key rivals. The game has changed in the hot hatch world as turbocharged hatches are the norm now with likes of Renault, Ford, VW & AUDI bringing the heat to this pocket rocket segment.

My MTTS adventures will be broken into 5 parts to make it easy to read and digest as there is over well 25 GB of photos and video from this BIG MINI ADVENTURE!!!!

MTTS 2014

I have inserted a little teaser¬†video¬†of what’s to come and once again thank you all for your continued support and love where ever you are in the world.

Remember guys my door is always open for feedback or any advice you may need.

I wanted to say THANK YOU to all the people I met on MINI TAKES THE STATES who made me feel welcome within their country and MINI USA for putting on such an epic road trip. I learnt a lot on my travels as I finally got to leave everything behind and enjoy all things MURCIA & MINI.

I used to think everyone was either a fan or follower and vast majority I met on my MTTS trip are now more like family. It was an honour and my pleasure to meet you guys and I hope I felt a mark on you with stories to tell for many years to come. But sadly It’s like I left a part of me when I return home from my travels as I wasn’t surround my US friends. However I now know that every time I awake or I feel down there is always a friend in every corner of the world.


I have mentioned before, the website was only ever designed for me to mutter on about the events I would attend and it has grown beyond my wildest dreams. We have completely mashed it out the park this year, as my hits of this year alone are triple that of last year with 24,000 views. Honestly it has nothing to do with me! You guys made it what it is and as we have grow together I hope to do things for you guys in return.

Again thank you for all the messages, laughs, smiles, gifts and support which always humble me

I am hoping 2015 brings along more MINI adventures and happiness with their only being a few posts before the start of MTTS 5 part special. I have broken it up into 5 pieces to make it easier to read and view as 15 days is a lot to condense into one big post. It’s the reason why I didn’t do vlogs or daily posts as I would be missing the action myself and it would hard to do given time constraints.

Anyway roll on 2015 so we can continue on the mission from Mr. Bridger and enjoy this short video of my MTTS 2014 memories

Always on a MINI Adventure



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