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Lilcoopr and JCW Adventures

The MINI community is a like second family to me bringing me together with the greatest and NOT NORMAL individuals far and wide together.

Its been 3 years of MINI Madness with my JCW and nearly 2 years since I started my blog.

I brought my JCW unwittingly knowing I would travel across the UK & International to meet with fellow MINIacs.

It was a life changing event when I did MINI UNITED 2012, which gave birth to my blog and created my passion for all things MINI.


Along the way I have gained new friends and followers alike who cant wait to meet me, read or see what I have been up to.

It is the passion of the MINI community which has kept me going through the happy times and the sad ones.

I am truly grateful to call you my friends as all of you are like family to me as your comments and message have always put a smile on my face.

Late 2013 I came across this LITTLE but LARGER than life MINIac called LilCoopr on Instragram.

lilcoopr IG

I have always thought I was the only MINIac writing about his adventures but little did I know this Canadian candy has been at since 2005 ps I do like a bit of competition –

I began speaking to Christina and it was apparent the MINI Passion ran deep as swapped stories on how it all began and our current MINIs. As we Skyped away and sent each other dumb witty messages on every social media platform possible, it was strange to feel such as a connection with someone I had never meant before. Every time we talk its like an occasion some what reminiscent of when you catch up with an old friend but any communication begins that ‘HEY Ali!’ which always puts a smile on my face : D

Sometimes I would look down to see how long we had been talking to find we spoke for 4 hours or my phone battery is literally dying with 4% battery life left.

I wish I could record half of the conversations we have as hilarity ensues every time we talk.

mtts skype

I wasn’t happy about MINI UNITED not happening in 2014 which I can forgive given the release of the F56. This lead on to the discussions of when would be the next one? Psssst MINI make sure its in Germany as I want to go around the Nurburgring and hit the autobahns

To my amazement Christina has been to virtually all of them expect one!!! She missed out on 2005 in Misano, Italy because of university exams. This means I have physically walked past her a few times without knowing back in 2009 and 2012!!! Its truly is a MINI World.

Here is what makes it even more mind-boggling, she stood a meer few feet away from while Paddy Hopkirk spoke about his Monte Carlo win.  She has actually interviewed GP Garry (one of the members of the fast five) at MINI UNITED 2012 about his infamous speeding ticket in Monaco.  I must have been off somewhere else but I did see someone in quite distinctive pink clothing hmmm

Personally I only work in black. And sometimes very very dark grey

This lead to the discussion of me having the urge to go on a MINI Adventure and wanting to go to the US given 50% of my followers are from the US. I thought there would be no other better way to meet them than on a road trip in a MINI.

Christina told me all about MINI TAKES THE STATES from the destinations and MINI Mates she has made along the way. I was SOLD and the planning began for the trip in 2014 with registration, flights, hotels etc.

mtts 2014

This is gonna be another trip of a lifetime being surround by MINIs & MINIacs!!! In all honesty who wants to sit on the beach, relax and get a tan. Right?

Can this top MINI UNITED 2012???  I drove on the greatest roads within Europe with arguable the greatest MINIacs ever??

But don’t worry I wont be alone as Christine and Phil of the Fast Five will be joining me to fly the flag for the UK on this trip

We will be more like the 3 amigos this time as only 3 of the fast five will be in attendance


I have partnered with White roof radio to do MTTS 2014,  I will be riding shotgun in a selection of MINIs throughout the road trip.

What is White roof radio???

The World Famous White Roof Radio is Don Burnside, Todd Pearson, Gabe Bridger, Nathaniel Salzman and Chad Miller. Every week they get together and talk about MINI Cooper news and information like they like to do.

Basically its a Podcast about all things MINI which goes live every week with the latest and greatest MINI news. There always seems to something GP related or the topic steers towards that…

MTTS 2014

The podcast was started by Don Burnside because he wanted to contribute something to the MINI community above and beyond his personal motoring blog and being more curious than the average bear, Don Burnside (db) decided to jump on the podcasting bandwagon.

He started with an awful tour of his site, followed by a not-quite-as-bad review of online music services. But something was missing.

Enter Todd Pearson. He had the same idea about doing a podcast. He actually heard db’s first 2 and had done 1 on his own. He emailed and asked if db would be interested in joining forces. Of course he did! But he was right in the middle of figuring out how to do the intro for #2. So, he ignored him.

Got #3 all finished up with quite a few positive comments. Then db went ahead and contacted Todd about doing that joint podcast he mentioned.

They did #4, which caught the attention of ace MINI news guy Gabe Bridger who kindly posted a link to their first joint effort and shortly thereafter was the first guest of the podcast.

The rest, as they say, is history.

I have spoken to Don over the last few years so its gonna be weird finally meeting after talking to him by email and online

jcw adventures infamous black hat

But fear not you will be able to spot me from a MILE away with my infamous black hat and my dashing good looks accompanied by my apparent sexy English accent

Don’t shy away from saying Hi to me as I will be more than happy to talk and see your MINI too

My first question will be ‘Manual or Auto?’ so be ready to answer correctly with Manual ; )

I will be bringing some custom MINI Swag with me so keep an eye out for some random freebies

Sadly my love of my life aka The Misses aka The Dark Knight aka my JCW wont be joining on the MINI BIG Adventure due to the cost of £3,000 to ship her over


Make sure you are subscribed to my Facebook, Instagram and Youtube channel as we will be vlogging, post images and videos of my trip from start to finish.

Our Facebook & Instagram account will be regularly updated with images and info of what I am doing

All that is left now is for me to touch down in San Francisco to go all the way!!!

10,000 plus miles, 18 states, 15 cities, 2 infamous MINIacs, 1 MINI and 1 epic road trip


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