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Ever since seeing the Black Line Kit on the JCW Coupe at MINI UNITED I wanted it sooooo badly

The Black Line kit is consists of Black Headlight rings, Smoked Lenses indicators, Blacked out rear LEDs and smoked rear fog lights. Mine being a JCW the rear fogs are not apart of the kit because of the different light fitment/size and hence the reduced price.

There was a two week wait for the parts which would come from Germany.

The Black Line Kit can now be spec’d from the Factory as well as Black Headlights first seen on the Camden and Hampton MINIs.

First I decided to clear some parts out from the JCW ranging from the JCW Handbrake to the stainless steel pedal set from my MINI One.

I could have easily gone done the black out mods myself with the ‘Joey Mod’ whereby you dissembling the headlight unit and paint the housing black. I decided against given that the JCW is less a year old and i like having a warranty.

I like to keep my JCW factory fresh and any mods that have been and would be done would be subtle and from the JCW catalogue or renowned MINI Specialists.

I finally got the call from MINI Shrewsbury and I headed down to get the parts installed

It was just over an hour wait for the parts to be fitted and the JCW to be washed & vacd as well (No Swirl marks). I was handed my keys back with the service desk lady taking me to my JCW saying “It looks REALLY GOOD with the Blacked out bits”

I had to pause for a second when i saw it for myself and had a good look around all the car

The blacked out bits are soooo subtle but match perfectly with the Metallic Eclipse Grey paint

I love the Rear Blacked out LEDs

The Side Smoked Lenses indicators are a nice and subtle

Black Headlights rings are another nice touch

Even though this is not a performance modification, i personally believe this the best mod i have done to my JCW

With all this preferential treatment my iPhone got all moody with me and Siri stopped talking to me

I set my sights on matching my iPhone with my JCW .

I found out that MINI themselves were selling a iPhone Hardcase and it would match the paint colour of my JCW as well : D

On a side note – All is now well with me, Siri and JCW

Black Grill Surrounds Part Numbers:

51130417135 – Upper
51130442011 – Lower

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