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I am proud to announce JCW Adventures finally has an online shop which you can buy some MINI swag from which covers all three generations of the BMW MINI.

Here is a direct link to the website – JCW Adventures Shop

Official eBay Store – Official eBay Store

I have kept it simple with all three generations of BMW MINI Hatch with Model Designation vinyl decals all of which are available in Chilli Red, Jet Black, Thunder Grey & Ice White.

All 3 Generations of BMW MINI R50, R56 & F56 Decals

All these are available on the JCW ADVENTURES Store with free shipping within the UK and worldwide shipping available with a small additional cost.

Custom colours will be available at upon special requests at a small additional cost with all BMW MINI Generations & variants stickers coming soon.

Along with these all-new decals are the ever-popular R56 JCW & GP2 genuine carbon fibre exhaust tips as first seen on my JCW are back!!!!

This genuine carbon fibre exhausts tips can be easily installed within 5 minutes which simple tools and no drilling is required.

They are only suitable for R56 JCW, GP2 & R56 Cooper S with the JCW back box exhaust given they were developed on my JCW.

These exhaust tips have been designed for road use and show cars only either with a stock or sports catalytic convertor.

For those who have F-Series MINI JCW Pro Exhaust Remote, I have battery replacement available in the stores to get you back to disturbing the peace.

All shipping within the UK will be free, but international orders will incur a small shipping charge.

So if you have read the blog or followed me on social media here is a great way to support a free website that has been here to help any MINI owner around the world since 2012.

If you any questions free to message me at [email protected] or hit me up on the social media links at the bottom of the post.

Here is the link to JCW Adventures Shops – JCW Adventures Store & Official eBay Store

Thank you for the continued support, smiles, laughs, memories, hospitality, and MINI adventures.

Here’s to continued adventures wherever the open road leads to in 2020 and beyond.

As always it’s a MINI Adventure and try to keep up!!!

Ali R56 JCW Owner & JCW ADVENTURES Founder


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