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Goodwood festival of speed

The summer marks days were car covers come off, supercars are fired up and modded car take off their winter wheels for what is show season. Droves of car lovers all converge on Goodwood: Festival of Speed to what is the Mecca of all car shows. Lord March opens his gates to his estates to all car manufactures to take on the hill climb, rally stage and build the show stands for their latest greatest models for the general public and super elite to order.

My Journey to this Mecca began with a message from MINI UK saying they would like to reward me for being a dedicated MINI Fan.

A message later and I was sent tickets for the FOS and packed my JCW duffel bag towards London for my overnight stay.

MINI adventure buffel bag

I arrived at the Goodwood estate in good time and missing the morning madness rush plus I was allocated nearby parking next to the super car paddock courtesy of MINI.

The car parking is always full of eye candy

To my amazement there was a Mclaren P1 amongst them all adoring this lustrous candy red paint with black and carbon accents

Mclaren P1 candy red

Mclaren P1 side

Mclaren P1 rear

Have a guess where my 1st stop was…

Yes straight to the MINI stand to meet the Team and see what was lurking on their stand

MINI stand

The F56 JCW concept first shown in Detroit was sitting proud behind its own area with glass window showcasing its key features such as 6 pot brakes.

I was given permission to go over the barrier to look around the JCW concept in detail. The more and more I looked at it the more I love it especially given the 2.0 litre engine will be pumping out at least 220 bhp.

driver and JCW

There were alot of GP2 nods with the rear diffuser & spoiler, lowered suspension and  winglets on the rear arches. My eagle eye spotted that the concept was riding on KW coilovers which I highly doubt will make it production (we can all live in hope? But I have driven a lowered F56 S with the JCW Tuning Kit with JCW Suspension).

F56 JCW brembos F56 JCW diffuser F56 JCW rear wing F56 JCW rear F56 JCW side 2 F56 JCW side F56 KW coilovers JCW carbon exhaust tips

I am just hoping the paint scheme comes to production or something similar with a matte/satin finish for my dark knight presence.

Whilst I was mesmerised by the JCW concept and turned around to see Rally legends Paddy Hopkirk and Ranni Roma to stroll on by. The MINI team told me to come over to take picture with them to which I declined saying ‘ I am just a bloke with a car ‘ but they still persisted in making me have some photos with them (I am not moody the sun was in my eyes).

JCW Adventures Nanni paddy hopkirk MINI UK

Two of my good friends & loyal supporters Mr &Mrs Thomas arrived for us to catch up and take some more pictures with rally legends (The own a GP1 & GP2 – Fun fact – Their honeymoon was driving their GP1).

MINI gran turismo

Moving inside the MINI Stand were two F56s with three flat screens ahead of them playing the Goodwood Hill climb on Gran Turismo 6 using the F56 wheels and pedals!!!!

You can kind of guess what happened next as waited my turn to put in a time. It was slightly surreal playing GT6 sitting in a MINI as I am used to playing GT6 with GT Wheel sitting in my gaming chair coupled with 5.1 Dolby surround sound.

I awaited the count down of timer on the screen to see that I would be driving a R56 Cooper S up the hill climb to a course I am very familiar with. I roared off the line and pressed the flappy paddle to catch second and held the revs near the redline for the first corner and snatched 3rd as I left the first small corner leading across the back straight going past the Goodwood crowd stands and estate.

gran turismo 6 MINI

There was time for concern as I pressed the brake pedal as there is no feedback from it given the break servo was switched off! Yes I know I was in the digital world but it was eye widening for a moment as you had press your foot all the way down to get the digital MINI to break without embarrassing myself in front of woman who I told I am good at this game. I finished the course in good time with a respectful time of 54.241 seconds in a bone stock R56 Cooper S on comfort hard tyres (Gran Turismo players will know how shockingly back those tyres are).

Back to the real world there was a whole raft of models with the JCW Roadster, Facelifted Countryman Cooper S & JCW Paceman and the all new F56 Cooper S

IMG_8096 IMG_8101 IMG_8107 IMG_8438

MINI Goodowod

MINI LCI Countryman

The LCI Countryman in Jungle Green just looks amazing!!! I am waiting for someone to buy one and HULK theme it

To the right the countryman was the Dakar trophy for MINI winning with an 1,2,3 podium finish in this gruelling off-road endurance race which runs through Argentina, Chile and Bolivia with 13 stages (each stage is about 500 to 560 miles). I need to add MINI was won this event 3 years running not bad for the Countryman rep worldwide.

MINI Dakar Trophy

Moving outside the MINI world I had seen this concept car on fast lane daily and on automotive websites called Eau Rouge Concept. Its name alone is sexy but let me tease you more as this Infiniti model (Nissan sub luxury brand) with an a candy red paint which hides underneath its hood a 500 Bhp Nissan GTR engine with four-wheel drive saloon madness. Yes I said Saloon! Its GTR with four doors and a boot

Infiniti eau rouge concept

Now you take the wife and kids and scare them senseless on the family trip to the Zoo

I love the F1 nods on the bodywork and aero and especially the carbon fibre trimmed bodykit with 21 inch forged wheel filling the arches

eau rouge concept rear eau rouge concept

Now Just build it!!!

Moving on to a first with no pun intended is the Koenigsegg One:1 which weighs only 1340kg and has 1340 Bhp making it the first full megawatt of power production car. Top speed is around 273mph, it’ll go from 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds, 0-300km/h in about 12 seconds and 0-400km/h in 20 seconds.


To achieve this neck braking speed the One:1 is made virtually all from carbon fibre from the bodywork to the wheels with titanium throw into the mix for the exhaust system. Yes you heard me right the wheels are made from carbon fibre with them only weighing in at just under 6kg (13lbs) even though they are 19 inch wheels with a 10 inch width.

IMG_8149 IMG_8153 IMG_8157 IMG_8163


Only six are being built with them all sold at a cool £1.67 million each with two coming to the UK & four heading to China (Finally a hyper car that wont live in the middle east instead turning up your rear view for you to wet your pants)

Hybrid supercar of the moment the Porsche 918 Spyder in lustrous deep blue paint


Next up was a concept from the digital world of Gran Turismo which I drove before seeing it. Lets says the short wheelbase makes it frisky little car on the limit but a hoon to drift around bends. The Golf GTi Vision concept has a twin turbo V6 churning out 500 bhp which is delivered to the road via four-wheel drive which rockets it to 62 in 3.6 seconds and on to a top speed of 192 mph.


I saw the new M3 in hardtop & droptop form and I have never felt so underwhelmed by an M car which is supposed to pinnacle of BMW brand as the M Division pump up the normal 3 series to be weapon for the track. Then they went and destroyed the name of the M3 making the four saloon version called the M3 and the coupe version the ‘M4’.

IMG_8179 IMG_8183

It feels the M division had their hands tied back this time around with emission laws, accountants and board member dictating on what could and couldn’t be done. To me it doesn’t look or feel special enough and the M3 was never meant to be a sleeper car ever!

Now to star of the moment as Jaguar, It seems they can’t do no wrong as they went and built the Project 7 car.

IMG_8195 IMG_8201

The F type is stunner anyway and giving it the racer D-type look is just asking for people to lust after one and that’s all before you fire the beast up.

Now off the land of the rising sun and GODZILLA!!!!

Nissan brought along their GT3 GTR with a V8 nom nom


Away from the because race car was the future concept version of the GTR

From what Nissan PR guy was iterating in his talk that GTR wont be much more powerful but instead be a lighter car with a raft of aerodynamic madness to defy the laws of physics.

IMG_8206 IMG_8209 IMG_8212 IMG_8214 IMG_8220 IMG_8222

This is another car which will be available in Gran Turismo 6 to drive

Now off to see Ze Germans who brought a whole raft of AMG madness and their concept car for Gran Turismo

The Mercedes Vision GT seems to be more design study with its Tron like appearance as the grill is all LED lights which change to different configurations with the body being constructed from aluminium and carbon fibre.

IMG_8239 IMG_8242

Stance nation will rejoice with rims on the concept are forged centre locking concave wheels that bulge out then come in. These marvels are wrapped in the tinnie tiny tyre profile of 10 with fingers gap between the arch and tyre.

IMG_8246 IMG_8248

That poke tho

Next up is an acquire taste from Lexus which is the RC F which is a follow-up to the underestimated gem IS F

I have soft spot for the IS F given its pedigree, understating looks and V8 block – Its good be different


Back to the RC F is unmistakably a Japanese designed car which seems to be styled using a samurai sword with its angular and pointed lines.  The side flanks and rear end are unmistakable which gets me all amped for getting older in life as the kids and wife turn up meaning I don’t have put away the need for speed.


This coupé houses a naturally aspirated 5.0 L V8 producing over 450 bhp with 520nm of torque on tap. The RC F will come in two specifications:  standard RC F at £59,995 or the RC F Carbon from £67,995

The carbon edition is one to get as you get a carbon fibre hood, roof and rear spoiler with more go faster parts such as a diff and forged wheels


WELL DONE LEXUS!!!! Ever since the IS F i have taken notice then you built a car that I want in my dream garage the monstrous V10 LFA

Who ever you have employed or listened to keep at it!!! Wait for me to get old as I am getting one

MURCIA was present with the all new Mustang which will be available in Ford dealers in UK as an official car instead of being grey imported

IMG_8263 IMG_8264

Its gonna be interesting seeing a mustang in my rear view then seeing him be tiny dot when I hit the bends : p

Pistonheads brought along the fan specd M4 for the petrol heads

IMG_8272 IMG_8275

A special but seemingly unstated BMW M5 30 Jahre edition which marks 30 years of the M5 so it has bumped power to 592bhp with competition pack upgrades but comes with a batman approved Frozen dark silver paint (only 300 will be made).


Next up is most ridiculous jacked up marketing derived car ever the Infiniti FX Vettel edition. I say this because it’s a normal FX with a new exhaust, 30bhp more, F1 inspired carbon trim and badges which bumps the price from a normal £58,000 to £100,000. Just go buy the new Range Rover Sport or Porsche Cayenne GTS


Fresh from the nurburgring is the fastest front wheel drive car around the green hell the Renault Megane RS Trophy R. It set a blistering time of 7min 54.36sec which is mind-blowing given it’s a hot hatch with 271 bhp with plenty of space and practicality.


Here are some details on this track weapon:

Its 100 kg lighter than normal car with most of sound deadening gone, rear bench removed, no air con or radio, rear wiper delete, single piece recaro bucket seats, new Ohlins adjustable dampers, front composite springs by Allenvard, a new, lightweight Akrapovic titanium exhaust system, mechanical differential and a set of super-sticky Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres.


Renaultsport will offer an optional Performance braking kit (larger discs, 3kg lighter) and a lithium-ion battery which saves another 16kg.

I am sure you get the picture

Here is an Abarth to worry the GP2 on track the italian scorpio the Abarth 695 Biposto this sub tonne is lethal with 190bhp being developed from an 1.4 litre engine which stings 0 to 60 in 5.9 seconds!


The Italians have gone mental with this one thinned down the doorskins, carbon door panels, polycarbonate windows, titanium roll cage,  lightweight bucket seats, sticky compound tyres, forged wheels, four pot brakes,  removed the rear bench, Akraprovic exhaust, racing dashboard, carbon cold air intake and dog ring gearbox.

The 595 Biposto is the only street-legal production car fitted with a quick-shifting ‘dog-ring’ sequential manual gearbox.

IMG_8311 IMG_8313 IMG_8315 IMG_8318 IMG_8320

Makes you thing twice how hardcore the GP2 actually is actually scrap that it makes the GP1 look like a lazy boy chair with wheels

It’s a sell you kidney price of £30,000 base and you can spec certain things like the racing dashboard which add to the price

But think of it this way, its one of those car that will never be built ever again

The mad hatter pike peak cars

IMG_8325 IMG_8327 IMG_8330

Rallying legends of different generations but all around giant killers

Some because race cars

IMG_8343 IMG_8345 IMG_8348

This arguable the best part of Goodwood as it makes the uber exotic cars which you will never see or hear

Jay Kay’s Green La Ferrari which was delivered to hit two days before and he ran it up the Hill climb



F12 not special enough for you?? Why not tell Ferrari and they will build you a one-off roadster based on one

Ferrari F12 TRS


Its been reported it cost the owner £3 million to commission the vehicle meaning he could have 3 La Ferraris

The underwhelming Lamborghini Huracan in Matt Black which is a reverse from the sexy Gallardo which I drove when I was 19!


My dads mate brought one and let me drive it!!!

It was a rare one given it had a open gated manual gearbox (only 300 were made with a manual of the 14,000 built)

Pagani Huayra in candy paint red with carbon touches


Spyker B6 Venator – One of the best interior ever making it another car for the dream car garage


King of the hill Nissan GTR Nismo made its official UK Debut with 591 Banzi horses with G Forcing neck breaking 2.7 second 0 to 60 time.


This  put the GTR in hypercar league making it quicker than McLaren F1 to the dash to 60 while its one of fastest production cars around the green hell at 7 minutes and 8 seconds (It’s the fourth fastest  – Two Radicals  and the Porsche 918 Spyder).


All this madness comes in at only £120,000 still making it a bargain compared to the 918 Spyder or any other super or hypercar

I went weak at the knees for the Lexus LFA – One of my favourite cars


Track only Lotus Elise Cup-R


The crowd controlling G63 AMG 6X6 an utter-pointless car which makes it even cooler



This year was Maserati’s centenary celebrations so they brought along a fine selection of present and future models

The Ferrari Enzo based MC12 with airbrushed paint job


Maserati Alfieri Concept


The name Alfieri is homage to the engineer who founded Maserati – Alfieri Maserati


This design concept is actually looking to into production and will be future design language for all new Maseratis

Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale

IMG_8417 IMG_8418

A forgotten but dear to my heart the TVR Cerbera Speed 12 – This is the only road going model ever made!


The Speed 12 weighs in at 950kg and has a 7.7 litre V12 churning out 820bhp & 650 ft lbs of torque, which means a power to weight ratio twice that of a Bugatti Veyron. It was detuned and restricted to 820 bhp as it deemed unsafe for the road by Peter Wheeler who was TVR’s owner at the time and then cancelled all orders for the car.

The actually output is 1,000+ which broke TVR’s dyno as the team was aiming to beat the McLaren F1 into a plump as they bolted together two V6 engines hence the name Speed 12. Not bad for a car that was built-in 2003

I secretly wish TVR would be brought by someone who could bring it back to its former glory days

Something for my American followers

Dodge Challenger T/A


Chevrolet Camaro Z/28


AMC Mark Donohue Javelin


Thats marks the end of what I saw on the day as I spent around Goodwood: festival of speed.

Thank you to MINI UK for the tickets for Goodwood and the whole social media team making me feel welcome

Just before I go here is a little video for you guys

My friend and fellow MINIac Philip Casper aka The Blue Ghost who I finally met during my travels of the US for MINI TAKES THE STATES 2014 called me out to ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Here is my twist on the challenge