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Having owned my JCW over year now i cant say its all been smiles

After having it for two days it would make this metallic clicking sound when i accelerated and there was an hesitation and jerkiness and complete loss of power like someone had switched the car off

I took it back to the dealership who said the octane of the fuel was low so it was cutting the fuel to the cylinders. I was only putting in normal unleaded Shell Petrol and I was advised to use Shell V-Power

This cured the problem for about a week then the problem came back

This problem went on for months with my JCW going back and forth to the dealership

With no solution in sight and demanded a full refund or a new car built to the same spec

Arguments ensued with MINI UK & the dealership as they said it was the way I drove it

Finally after alot of aggro my MINI was taken in and MINI Head Engineer from the Oxford plant came to see my MINI

I was given a Brand New Fully Loaded Pepper White JCW Clubman as Loan car for a period of over a month – it had 80 miles on the clock when they gave it to me and I gave it back with 2,000 plus miles on it *insert cheeky grin*

This JCW felt and drove better than mini : (

I explained this to the dealership and finally after a long wait the fault was found

JCW had an faulty an faulty DME Unit – It basically controls all key aspects of the engine’s operation, ensuring optimum reliability, maximum performance and the lowest possible fuel consumption and emissions.

Link to below if you wish to learn more

I was offered compensation for all my hassle over 7 months to which i was going to receive a 500 voucher on MINI parts & track day

I rejected this shameful compensation since I brought the car outright with no finance

I demanded something better given my level of patience and i asked for Recaros for JCW as I wanted them on my car but the price went way too high

MINI UK & Dealership listened to my request and they were fitted

They are Half Leather & Half Alcantara. YES they are soooo comfortable and hugging when you drive fast (I have driven 4 hours non stop in them and never had any discomfort)

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