MINI Adventures Begin…

A lucky few of you have met me and now me personal or know of me, for those who don’t i am Ali aka RallyAli

I have HUGE Passion for MINI and i am on my 2nd MINI

My 1st MINI was an 2007 R56 MINI One and this was my 1st Car

Many MINI Memories were made with that car. I had the privilege of going to MINI UNITED (2009) for MINI’s 50th Birthday and i took to the Silverstone Circuit and i managed to keep up with the Coopers.

I drove my MINI hard and i finished the Pads & Tires within 10,000 miles since new : )

To this day there is something about that MINI, it wasn’t the fast but it always put a smile on my face. I guess it was all those MINI Adventures and all the smiles per hour.

Sadly I had to sell her to invest for my future and it was a deep regret selling her. However i have promised myself to buy her back when the timing is right.

I missed everything that car held for me and it will never forgotten – BP57 NBD

I wanted to tell everyone how my MINI Madness began and my next post will be the introduction of my JCW – BT11 WRK for me ordering her to the MINI Adventures that ensued after.

Quick Sneak Peek – JCW Exhaust Sound

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